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VoIP or Voice Over IP phone services have introduced a more convenient and efficient way to make cheap international calls as compared to the traditional phone systems. Not only do they allow a cut down in the price tag but they also offer a wide range of advanced features that include enhanced accessibility and mobility. VoIP has become more readily available with the advent of high-speed internet access. We see the top cable providers offering spectacular bundles where you can pair up internet, phone, and/or TV services. Thus, you get to enjoy the convenience of high-speed internet along with a crystal-clear phone service like Spectrum voice . Still, when it comes to VoIP, experiencing maximum clarity can be a bit challenging. But nothing to worry about, we are here with the top tips that can help a great deal to improve the call quality of VoIP. Let’s get started straight away!
First thing’s first. Check your internet connection. Get a fast speed and consistent internet to ensure a smooth VoIP experience. In case your calls are dropping or there is a lack of clarity, then it can be due to a lagging internet. It is always better to have a backup internet connection in addition to your primary internet connection to avoid any distortions in VoIP.
In case you are concerned about hearing an echo during a call and your internet seems to be working fine, then you can disconnect and reconnect the call again. It can happen, sometimes, and doing this can help eliminate any distortions or choppy connections.
If you havefast internet access yet continue to experience issues while using VoIP, then it might be because you have a shared bandwidth. So, one good way of combating that would be to install a VoIP accelerator. It is a device that is available at any electronics shop and allows you to improve the quality of a VoIP connection tremendously.
As nominal as it may sound, this tip does make a difference. You should test your headset connection and functioning to ensure seamless VoIP call sessions. If there is something wrong with your headset, you can find it out by connecting it to a different device, or you can try connecting a different headset to your PC. Also, look at your sound settings to confirm that they are configured correctly. Now, check the headset again to see if it’s working perfectly.
A wired connection can be a good option but at times, it may cause some issues when it comes to VoIP calls. Since there are plenty of wires involved in the whole infrastructure, therefore, it can be troublesome to spot a faulty cable that might be causing the disruption.
If so, it is suggested to opt for a wireless internet connection to minimize the tendency of any such issue regarding broken or damaged wires.
A slow-speed internet connection cannot cope with the connectivity requirement of a VoIP. Your internet connection has to be fast enough. For instance, dial-up connectivity might not have sufficient speed to support VoIP. If you live in a rural area with not many choices to avail of, then consider installing a reliable and good satellite internet service or upgrading your plan to enjoy better speeds. Get a plan that doesn’t come with data caps.
As discussed above, internet speed has a direct impact on VoIP efficiency. Therefore, you should try to reduce the data usage across the network as much as you can, amidst important calls. If you’re in charge of a workplace, thendiscourage your employees from using the internet for Netflix or big file transfers to avoid any network congestion. If this does not work, you can always upgrade to a high-tier business internet plan.
The aforementioned tips are likely to improve your VoIP call quality to a great extent and get rid of any issues regarding echo, call drops, or unclear voice. However, if none of the above-mentioned ways seem to create a difference and you continue facing audio distortion, then it is about time that you contact your internet service provider or hire an expert to help you maximize the call quality. Generally, a fast and consistent internet connection along with a VoIP accelerator and good quality headset ought to provide you a seamless and crisp VoIP experience, so make sure you have them sorted at your end.
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Author: wpadmin