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When it comes to creating a site, so many people put a lot of effort into the design and content. That’s all great until they forget about how important the backend or the behind-the-scenes elements are to ensuring a well-run and functional website. In this article, I will be giving you some helpful tricks so your site looks and works great.
Free web hosting is critical. For your site to be functional, you need to know that it is hosted by a reliable, secure, and ideally free host so your data is safe. Website builders like Ucraft, offer free web hosting through the Google Cloud Platform, so you can expect over 99% of uptime. You also will be notified ahead of time of any maintenance issues.
One of the worst things that can happen to new business is technical errors that leave your site unsecured or offline. Always make sure to choose the best free web hosting you can. 
Over 90% of all site visitors are coming in via
smart devices. By 2020 this will easily reach 100%. Surprisingly, there are
still many people who have websites that are NOT mobile-friendly. Save yourself
and your customers from this faux pas, and always make sure your site is
responsive across ALL smart devices.
If your customers can’t easily identify what your
company offers and how they can obtain it, you have a problem. Step into your
customer’s shoes and view your website from their perspective. Often this may
look like a map of the customer journey. Here are some things to consider for
this map:
If any of these stages are not clear to your customers, they are likely to look elsewhere. Be sure to go over each of these and make sure they are clear and flow naturally into one another.
A great site is only as good as its traffic. Make
sure your site gets out there by having clearly defined social share buttons so
your fans can share each page. What’s nice is that share buttons are friendly
and non-sales-y so your customer is more likely to engage in this way.
Call-to-action buttons are also important parts
of directing your customer. A CTA is part of the customer journey; make sure
there is a clear flow so your potential buyer knows what to do.
For example, if you have an online store that
sells socks, your site should look something like this:
We offer customizable socks for people who like to be
unique and feel cosy.
Consideration: Short video on how you can customize your socks easily.
Decision: Enter your CTA. Sign-Up and Get a Free Pair Today.
With all the right design and content, if your
site isn’t found easily you may as well not exist. Use  SEO to make sure your site can be easily
crawled, ranked, and found by anyone and everyone. Here are some quick tips to
help you get started:
These helpful SEO tips will make sure you are ranked high on SERPs , so you are easily found and provide a pleasant viewing experience. 
Always create a site that functions as well as it looks. From hosting to being 100% responsive, your customers want a smooth and secure experience. Create a plan and stick to it, taking your customer’s journey into consideration. Your site should clearly state what you do or what problem you solve and how a person can learn more and become a follower and customer. Be sure to get shared across social media and be optimized across the board so you are ranked higher and bring in more traffic. Follow these tips for a phenomenal site. 
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Author: wpadmin