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Why choose between a mobile lifestyle and having to play your favorite games with the maximum resolution when you can have both with the gaming laptops available out there.
You don’t need to assemble a large desktop rig to have that perfect gaming experience. With processors and graphics cards being squeezed into much smaller sizes, gaming laptops can provide you with just as immersive gaming experience as any desktop can.
With advancing gaming laptop technology, the number of gaming laptop companies has entered the market. There are plenty of options available. Though buying one can still burn a hole in your pocket, you can bag a lot more features than you could a few years ago with the same budget, but the question still stands- Are gaming laptops under $2000 worth it?
Here we will discuss some pros and cons of a gaming laptop compared to a desktop computer and laptops with long lasting battery .
Unmatched Portability
Portability happens to be a crucial requirement for gamers who decide to switch from desktop computers to laptops.
Not just being limited to the corner of your home and to be able to carry your console where ever you go is what is offered by gaming laptops.
When we are looking at gaming desktops, in particular, they can be minimal these days. Still, nothing is as portable as a laptop that can easily fit in your backpack, and if you have a mouse, you can play any game wherever you like, and that’s the main thing.
High-end Hardware Options
Even though gaming laptops can get pricey, they offer some fantastic specifications in return.
Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX and AMD GPUs and Intel 10th Generation Processor i9-990k packed with best motherboard , 1920×1080 resolution screen with up to 120Hz of refresh rate are basic hardware options offered by most mainstream gaming laptops.
It only gets better as they usually come rigged with SSDs instead of HDD. In contrast, some even offer both, which makes loading much faster and operations almost silent.
Aesthetics, style, and design
When it comes to gaming, one imagines a flashy and chunky laptop, but that’s no longer the case. From laptops that are so modestly designed that one can carry it to the office to those notebooks who scream, “Gaming laptop”, there is something for everyone in the market.
Unique etched red designs, sectional or per-key backlighting are some of the standard features that you will find in gaming laptops.
Though some manufacturers cut costs by utilizing plastic chassis, more often than not, the overall quality is reasonably good.
Gaming laptops are a favorable option for both students and people who work from home but also like gaming as it provides so much more than what stationary gaming console has to offer.
The availability of multiple ports makes it possible to connect it to an external display. Along with an external keyboard and mouse, you won’t completely miss the full desktop experience.
Extremely Expensive
The mobility offered by these comes at a price. The gaming notebook gets better, the more you pay for it. Desktop computers can cost comparatively less than the laptop, which comes with similar specifications. You might have to pay more for less performance in some cases because you have to pay more for the screen and battery.
A gaming laptop equipped with the bare minimum to run the games with decent experience can cost from Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,30,000, and that’s just for the mid-range notebooks.
Also, ask yourself the question, “How long is this product going to last me?” and if the price is worth its durability.
Excessive heat
A side effect of having a load of power is such cramped space is the heat. The premium graphics card in those laptops generates a lot of heat , which you should definitely be aware of. 
Though using a cooling pad is one of the economical ways of dealing with this issue, you should nonetheless look into the cooling system provided if you are going to make this significant investment. 
Restricted upgradeability
The biggest drawback that one faces when choosing gaming laptops over a desktop is that it is next to impossible to upgrade them. With a desktop computer, you can recycle bits in the future. You can use the same case, power supply, RAM, and upgrade the graphics card and the central processing unit, subsequently getting more performance.
Whereas on the laptop , this is significantly harder. While it is relatively easy to simply swap out the old RAM for something with a higher capacity, it is not advisable to switch out core components.
GPU and CPU are not upgradeable in most cases, so chances are your laptop will be outdated a few years down the line.
Offers Less power
Gaming laptops are undoubtedly a powerful gadget, but they, more often than not, feature GPUs that are underclocked to avoid overheating.
This hinders it from performing to its maximum capacity, which is why you will find that desktop computers will provide slightly better performance than a gaming laptop with the same graphics card.
The difference between PC and laptop is all about power efficiency.
Battery life
As convenient and mobile as gaming laptops are, some entry-level ones don’t offer a dependable battery life. Good battery life is usually not expected from gaming laptops. While some high-end laptops can last for 8-10 hours, they will be available in a little bulky chassis.
Anyway, you will have to plug it in to squeeze out its best performance.
That brings us to the end of the blog. So, are gaming laptops worth it? Suppose you are looking for a definitive answer to this question, then yes they are if you are looking for portability and a mobile alternative to a desktop computer.
Be careful while deciding on a budget. You don’t have to hoard everything top of the line available, just be specific with what you are looking for in a gaming laptop, and only then choose a laptop whose specification fits your requirements.
Moreover, with so many opinions available, in the end, the choice is yours. 

Author: wpadmin