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Now Hackers can earn even more on HackerOne! Introducing badges, now available on Hacker profiles in the badges sidebar.
Badges are earned for hacktivity on HackerOne. Select badges, like the Bounty Hunter badge shown below, have up to three star levels of accomplishment:
How many badges are there, and what are they for? We know you are all pros at finding what other miss, so we will let you discover them as you go. The surprise is all part of the fun!
Badges were born out of a hackday. HackerOne hosts a company-wide hackday every quarter to give employees a chance to push creative experiments to the head of the queue. I love badges. The advent of badges and achievements as a standard part of web apps is thrilling for me, so we are super excited to bring this functionality to HackerOne.
Our current set of badges are split into two basic categories – achievement based, and playful callouts to our community which are earned more randomly, but are still worthy of recognition. One of our favorite badges, “Streaker,” was actually a suggestion from a hacker (Max) during a recent visit to our office. We welcome any and all ideas; our only firm guideline is that badges don’t incentivize bad or unwanted behavior.
To suggest a badge idea, email us at , or let us know on Twitter or Facebook.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you all!
Evan Brynne
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