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MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role-playing games. MMORPGs are video games that allow the players to travel the vast virtual world. The players are in a customizable avatar, and they interact with other players with whom they fight and win.
There are so many great MMORPGs available. But, if you haven’t tried it once, then you should try for free without getting the paid ones. So, if you want to try out any MMORPGs, then you don’t need to go and search for the best ones. Here we have brought a list of the best MMORPG Games which you can play. Check out the list of the best free MMORPGs.
System Requirements for Playing MMORPGs Game:
Guild Wars 2 is a free game from which you can
start playing MMORPG. The storyline is unique, which evolves around the
decisions you make. The Guild Wars 2 game has all the essential features which
you won’t get in other MMORPGs. It has a great PvP and PvP elements, customize
your character, and crafting system.
The player is in the fantasy world of Tyria; the
players explore the world by their lonesome or with their friends. Apart from
all this, Guild Wars 2 has so many different environments that are essential to
the storyline.
The game is supported on Windows, macOS. 
Star Wars game is based on the expansive star wars
universe; it offers to play different puzzle-like combat, which is different
from other MMORPGs. It is like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic gives
a choice to driven progression and also social gameplay, which brings the
players together in the virtual world.
This game is supported on Windows and is entirely
free to play.
3. Maple Story 2
Another great MMORPG game is MapleStory 2. It is
different from other games with its unique graphics and colorful design.
MapleStory 2 game allows you to travel in the open world with all the
customized characters. The characters interact with all other players from all
over the world. This game is supported on the Windows platform. It is free to
play with the built-in features.
4. Rift
Rift is a similar game like World of Warcraft. The
game was launched in 2011, and it was one of the most stable MMOs. The Rift
game becomes more interesting as the story disappears, and you start closing
the sporadic, which unleashes the flurry landscapes. In 2013, the game was free
to play, but then had a paid version, which is titled as Starfall Prophecy
which released in 2016. It has some fantastic features which are not there in
the free version. 
5. DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online is a free MMORPG game that allows the player to create their own superhero with customizing it. They can play with other legendary heroes from DC multiverses like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The game has fantastic features like a tab-targeting system for combat, which is different from other games. 
DC Universe Online game is supported on Windows,
PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
These are some of the Best Free MMORPG Games of
2020, which we could find for you. You can try these games and decide which one
works you best. However, you will not be disappointed by any of the
alternatives listed above. Nothing can be more enticing than playing games
after a long and tiring day as it revives us and helps us feel alive again. The
reason We said this is because life isn’t getting any more relaxed, and that is
no breaking news for anyone of us. 
Rest for a while, and enjoy the free MMORPG games!
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