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Black Friday, A day that excites everyone to grab the best products at the lowest price. Leading and Trusted Ethical hacking and cybersecurity Academies such as “ Ethical Hackers Academy ” announced the highest offers for their Master-level Cybersecurity and ethical hacking bundles with a 90% offer price.
Are you eager to become an Ethical hacker with master-level skills then here at “Ethical Hackers Academy” offers following Master Level cybersecurity course Bundles that mold you to become a Cyber Security Expert.
Grab the Following the list of advanced course Bundles with the best price in Black Friday Deals.
Cyber Security Master’s Program bundle begins with a basic level of training and then progress to the advanced level of technologies, the course transforms your skills and it encompasses a very broad area.
This is a comprehensive bundle that covers the “Complete Master Level Ethical Hacking & Advance web hacking”.
This course assumes you have no prior knowledge in hacking and by the end of it, you’ll be able to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts!
The bundle including the following courses with 40 hours of Training Videos:
With this course, you will learn how and why these vulnerabilities are exploitable, how to fix them and what are the right practices to avoid causing them.
The course starts from the information gathering phase followed by Discovering, Exploiting & Mitigation various vulnerabilities and posts exploitation.
In this course, you will learn the complete the Bug Bounty program and enhance your skills to Master level and learn how to legally report a bug in facebook, google, PayPal type of web application.
You will not just learn to hack them, you will even learn how to earn from hacking them and it’s all 100% legal, Earning by hacking legally is known as bug bounty program, 1000+ companies have hosted bug bounty program. Anyone can Join.
The following 3-course bundle courses with 20 hours of in-depth Training Videos:
One of the Best Malware analysis bundle courses covered with two different areas to enhance the master level Malware analysis skills.
The modern malware uses Advanced techniques such as encrypted communication channels, kernel-level rootkits, and sophisticated evasion capabilities to get past a network’s defenses. 
So learning malware analysis helps to prevent such advanced attacks in your organization and playing a great role in Security Operation Centre.
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