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Tired of bugs breaking your heart? And your WAF along with it? Is your security@ as full as your tear ducts? It’s time to Break Up With Bugs. Stop settling for good enough security and get the real thing. All it takes is a date with the right hacker.
If you want effective security testing that will decrease your risk of having no date (because you are stuck in the office working on a breach)…try Synack’s Crowdsourced Penetration Testing. With Synack, you will find love (and you get a practical, scalable testing solution conducted by the best combination of humans and technology). You state your intentions and expectations, and we make it happen.
Unlike most dates, we won’t keep you waiting…
“Your ability to spin up tests quickly, with very effective results allows the business to keep innovating without security impacting our timelines.” —F500 CISO.
Synack’s always there for you. Just give us the word and your new bae will be whispering sweet severe vulnerabilities in your ear in no time.
With lots of security love – you’ll never feel lonely again!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Synack
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Author: wpadmin