Can the Microsoft 365 Platform Be Trusted to Stop Security Breaches cvv dump sites, dumps and pins

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Lax security policies, a lack of security measures and solutions in place, and an expectation that Microsoft will address any security issues is putting organizations at risk.
Microsoft has gone to great lengths to ensure their Microsoft 365 platform offers modern security measures to keep their customers’ data safe. But according to new data from cloud email security provider Hornet Security , 25% of organizations have reported a known email-based security breach, and it begs the question “why?”
According to Hornet Security, a lot of the issue resides with organizations not taking advantage of security features – whether from Microsoft or a third-party:
What’s interesting is that almost none of these features (with the exception of MFA) address the core issue – phishing and compromised credentials. For every organization that has experienced a security breach, there’s a phishing email riddled with social engineering tactics and, more importantly, a recipient user who engages and activates attacker’s malicious content.
It’s imperative that organizations recognize the need to follow the attack kill chain and see one of the weakest links is the user who unwittingly enables threat actors by falling for phishing scams. Users that undergo continual Security Awareness Training are better equipped on a daily basis to see phishing attacks for what they really are and keep the organization safe by not playing their role in an email-based attack.
Would your users fall for convincing phishing attacks? Take the first step now and find out before bad actors do. Plus, see how you stack up against your peers with phishing Industry Benchmarks. The Phish-prone percentage is usually higher than you expect and is great ammo to get budget.
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