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To effectively deliver value as cybersecurity professionals, (ISC)² Singapore Chapter is focusing on working closely with other Singapore cybersecurity-focused organizations. This collaboration is a clear path forward to managing and mitigating risks connected with electronic secrets, according to the Singapore Chapter’s president, Matthias Yeo. “That is what we believe cybersecurity of the 21st century needs: ecosystem partnership,” he said.
Formalization of relationships with global organizations such as ISACA and ITSMF, and local organizations suchas the Association for Information Security Professionals (AISP), engages cybersecurity professionals across multiple disciplines. The opportunity to network with other practitioners and an increased variety of speakers and topics has enabled the chapter to cater to a wider variety of member interests.
As a result, the Singapore Chapter’s monthly attendance has doubled and sold-out events are becoming common. This fiscal year, there is a growing increase in both new membership and, more importantly, a 30 percent conversion rate of expired members renewing their membership. Active participation in the chapter’s online social media forums has also shown an increase.
These collaborative efforts have also provided (ISC)² Singapore the opportunity to make a bigger splash on Singapore’s cybersecurity landscape. From consulting on legislative efforts such as the Singapore Cybersecurity Bill, to closer relationships with government organizations such as the Cyber Security Agency (CSA), and increased joint events with other professional associations, the chapter has been able to offer a better value to its members while simultaneously directly influencing the direction the nation is taking. For example, the (ISC)² chapter president is an active participant in the Singapore multi-association committee, and chapter board members were included as judges in the inaugural annual Singapore Cybersecurity Awards.
The island nation of Singapore continues to evolve toward an electronically integrated, data-driven society and professional associations, including the (ISC)² Singapore Chapter, are helping lead the way to safe and secure infrastructure. By providing trained leadership and engineering expertise, the chapter helps to assure the country’s people that their information is in the hands of certified cybersecurity professionals.
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