CISA shares guidance on how to prevent ransomware data breaches trusted cvv shop, best fullz shop 2021

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Bleepingcomputer reported: “The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released guidance to help government and private sector organizations prevent data breaches resulting from ransomware double extortion schemes.
CISA’s fact sheet includes best practices for preventing ransomware attacks and protecting sensitive information from exfiltration attempts.
The federal agency issued these recommendations in response to most ransomware gangs using data stolen from their victims’ networks as leverage in ransom negotiations under the threat of publishing the stolen info on dedicated leak sites.
“Ransomware is a serious and increasing threat to all government and private sector organizations, including critical infrastructure organizations,” CISA  said .
“All organizations are at risk of falling victim to a ransomware incident and are responsible for protecting sensitive and personal data stored on their systems.”
CISA encourages organizations to implement recommendations shared in the info sheet published on Wednesday designed to streamline the process of preventing and responding to ransomware-caused data breaches.
Among the advice included to prevent ransomware attacks, CISA says that at-risk orgs should:
To block ransomware gangs from gaining access to customer or employee sensitive or personal information, CISA recommends:
Additional info on how to defend against and respond to ransomware attacks is available in the fact sheet and on CISA’s recently launched web portal.  Full story at Bleepingcomputer:
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