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Cryptocurrency is a web-based digital asset that is designed to function as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography (encryption techniques) to help process secure and successful financial transactions, create monetary units and verify the fund transfers. Whereas a blockchain is a technology that activates and makes the existence of cryptocurrency more operational. A blockchain is a digital ledger that consists of secure transactional records that are linked with strong cryptography . It makes transactions possible without the involvement of a middleman such as a bank or other central clearing authority.
Financial transactions
using cryptocurrency rely upon blockchain that makes the transactions super
secure and almost unhackable. Here is an example to help explain the
relationship between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Every time an
individual uses cryptocurrency to conduct a transaction, the transaction is
made secure and permanently recorded in the digital ledger known as blockchain.
upGrad is an online education imparting service provider that, in collaboration with elite universities and institutes offers top-class certified courses data, product and digital fields like data science, product management, machine learning , digital marketing, software development, blockchain technology etc.
Amongst the 22 courses offered, upGrad offers three types of different level courses relating to blockchain namely, postgraduate diploma in software development with specialization in blockchain, executive program in Blockchain Technology management and postgraduation certification in Blockchain Technology .
Postgraduate diploma in software development with specialisation in
Offers the opportunity
to become a Blockchain Developer by learning coding and creating smart
contracts. This course is taught online with a program fee of Rs2,25,000 for a
duration of 11 months (10-14 hours per week recommended). No cost EMI options
are also available at Rs.16,667 per month.
Bachelor’s degree in
Engineering, Science or Mathematics (B.E., B.Tech. , B.Sc., BCA/MCA) with no
prior coding experience required.
Software Developers,
Engineers, IT Professionals, Analysts, Technical Leads and other data and
digital field associated individuals.
Hyperledger , Ethereum , smart contracts, Fabric, Composer, Core Backend development ( Agile, MVC framework , API and Dynamic programming).
With over 250 hiring partners, this course can get jobs as a Blockchain Developer, Hyperledger Developer, Ethereum Developer, Node Js Blockchain Developer Solidity Developer, Javascript Developer, Backend Developer etc.
Executive program in Blockchain Technology management:
Offered as a
five-month course (6-10 hours per week recommended), this upGrad program can
help you become the first generation leader of the Blockchain Revolution. It
teaches in-demand skills, makes you capable of publishing your own
sector-specific white paper and engage with top and leading industries. The
entire program requires a fee of Rs.1,00,000. upGrad also offers the option to
avail no-cost EMI payment at Rs.15,000 per month.
Individuals who have
at least 3 years of work experience in the IT industry (software developer
roles are preferred) and a strong inclination towards mathematics is preferred.
Software Developers,
Project Managers, IT Managers, Pre-sales Consultants, Solution Architects,
Technical Architects, Domain Experts, etc.
development, build Solutions/ Prototype/Proof of concepts, smart contracts,
Consensus Algorithms, Distributed Ledger, Distributed apps, P2P networks for
transaction requests and processing, ICOs, cryptography etc.
The executive upGrad
course in blockchain management will land you in posts like Blockchain
Application consultant, Blockchain Consultant, Blockchain Application
Architect, Business and Integration Architect, Business Analyst, Blockchain
Consulting – Solution Design & Implementation, Blockchain – Program
Manager, Blockchain Managers, Blockchain Consultant hyperledger fabric etc.
PG Certification in Blockchain Technology:
A detailed course in the development and operation of the blockchain technology, the PG certification in blockchain technology is very similar to the PG diploma course specialized in blockchain technology. Offered against a fee of Rs,1.00,000 for a duration of six months (10-14 hours a week) the course gives the opportunity to learn about smart contracts, build chaincodes as well as blockchain coding from scratch.
Here are a few
benefits of blockchain technology and the reasons why it is a hot topic in the
technology world:
With the increased use of cryptocurrency i.e digital medium of exchange for online monetary transactions, blockchain has become one of the most demanded and fastest-growing skills in the IT industries.
digital platforms are all filled with hackers and people who can access data
through illegal means. Blockchain has strong cryptography, multiple consensuses
required for changes and heavy verification process which makes it nearly
impossible for hackers to breach any information and get access to steal data.
use of blockchain technology not only assures safe and secure transactions but
also makes the transactions more transparent. With the almost unhackable
encryption schemes, it is nearly impossible to make incorrect changes in the
digital ledger. Every party who is associated with the transaction will have
the same documents and any changes will require agreement (consensus) of all
and conducting financial transactions using traditional and paper-heavy
processes is not time efficient. Blockchain makes the task much easier and
automates it quickly with utmost efficiency and security. The decentralized
digital ledger having the same records also makes financial settlements based
on the earlier transaction records more convenient.
Cryptocurrency and
blockchain are revolutionizing the digital world and are having great and
positive impacts on various industries. The banking sector, real estate
business, healthcare and even the government are accepting the introduction and
use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology because of its multiple
beneficial features. Be it safe transactions, increased efficiency, improved
traceability of transactions and trading records, transparency or reduced costs
blockchain offers all these benefits and more. Understanding and recognizing
the significance and the impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that ‘Disruptive technologies such as
Blockchain and the Internet of Things will have a profound impact on the way we
live and work’.
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