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This blog entry focuses on introducing a new community focused resource designed to provide an avenue for the collaboration and sharing of information relating to Cyber Security.  The Cyber Security Central website ( seeks to extend the knowledge and best practices within the cyber security community. The overall goal of the site is to provide a platform to support the implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy.
Since the inception of the project a few months ago, I have tried to establish a site that seeks to demonstrate a broad view of the cyber security community from both the national and international perspectives.  As I look for new opportunities to represent content, I spend a great deal of time identifying mechanisms that best facilitate the information in an easy-to-navigate manner.
Major features include:- Shared Document Repository- Top Sites Related to Cyber Security- Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP)- Security Checklist Repository- Security Tools- Cyber Security Projects- Cyber Security Videos- Cyber Security News- Cyber Security Related Tweets- Cyber Security Jobs Posting- Cyber Security Discussion Boards- Cyber Security Directory Listings- Cyber Security Articles
Additionally, within the Cyber Security Central Documentation Center, you will find valuable information relating to the and other associated domains (,, and, including policies, procedures, and other helpful information to better navigate and interact with the Cyber Security Central website.
If you have suggestion or recommendations for improving the site, please use the “General Comments” section of the Discussion Boards or contact me directly through the Contact Us form.
Finally, please visit the Cyber Security Central Documentation Center – New Features section for any major site update.
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Author: wpadmin