Don’t Let Moms Get Hacked on Mother’s Day Synack cvv bank logins, bins fullz

Breaches? Surely our mothers taught us better than that. From telling us not to talk to strangers on the internet to keeping us healthy, moms taught us our very first cyber security lessons.
What kind of gift does a mom deserve? Maybe a gift that never has to end, and one that makes her continually better off over time… like Synack’s Crowdsourced Penetration Testing. Be a CISO hero and don’t let your mom (or anyone’s mom for that matter) get hacked. Share your gratitude, not unauthorized data.
All it takes is one lingering bug in your system and an attacker can get his hands on millions of personal records. Will your organization be the one who lets someone’s driver’s license information, social security number, or credit and debit card information fall into the wrong hands? For your mother’s sake, we hope not.
With Synack, you can protect the things that matter most, from large financial payment systems to your mom’s personal and identifiable information.
—The Synack Team
Synack provides a trusted, hacker-powered approach to protecting an organization’s digital attack surface, augmenting security teams with our skilled and trusted hackers to provide crowdsourced penetration testing from a truly adversarial perspective.
cvv bank logins bins fullz

Author: wpadmin