Email-Based Threats Increase 64% as Attacks Grow in Sophistication and Volume uniccam, SWARMSHOPWS

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New data from Mimecast shows how email-based threats are not only the greatest perceived concern, but are proving to be the reason for increased experienced attacks.
In Mimecast’s new State of Email Security Report , organizations were asked about their preparation, challenges, and results of implementing email security. According to the report, concern for email-borne threats is up across the board, with organizations largely finding themselves unprepared:
Mimecast found that these concerns proved to be valid over the last year:
What’s interesting is that users continually come up as one of the critical issues:
It’s evident that despite having email security solutions in place, it’s necessary to empower users through Security Awareness Training. Having a sense of cyber vigilance, practicing good cyber hygiene and remaining watchful for potentially malicious email content is imperative in order to stay secure.

Author: wpadmin