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Focused on “Securing Ghana’s Digital Journey,” the Republic of Ghana’s Ministry of Communications recently united representatives from multiple international bodies for National Cyber Security Week (NCSW). Members of the (ISC)2 Ghana Chapter played key roles in ensuring the event’s success.
Opened by Ghana President H.E. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, the weeklong forum gathered participants from the Council of Europe (GLACY +), the United States/Security Governance Initiative, the United Nations, ECOWAS, African Union Commission, and others.
(ISC)2 Ghana Chapter Treasurer Alexander Oppong, CISSP, served on the NCSW Planning Committee responsible for the event’s funding, exhibiting, sponsor selection, and physical/cyber security.
Ghana Chapter President Serge Phillipe Quedraogo, CISSP, took part in a panel discussion on “Responsibilities in the Cyberspace (People, Business, Government)” alongside cybersecurity strategists, policymakers, and representatives from CERT Ghana, Ghana’s National Communications Agency, and academics.
Connect, Educate, Inspire, Secure
As part of the NCSW events and the commitment to connect, educate, inspire, and secure its local community, the members and leadership of the Ghana Chapter also delivered a Safe and Secure Online workshop to a group of 4th through 9th grade students in in Accra, Ghana.
Chapter members Stephen Cudjoe-Seshie, CISSP, and Christine Agbenaza, CISSP, visited the St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Accra to deliver presentations on (ISC)2’s flagship programme. Stephen, ex. Chapter Secretary, is now Chapter President. Christine serves as Chapter Secretary.
During this presentation, the children were taken through the “Safe and Secure Online for Students” slide pack. They were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, focused on cyber safety information ranging from privacy best practices to handling cyberbullying and secure passwords.
“It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm with which the children participated in learning about the risks associated with their lives online and how to mitigate them. I am convinced we left a group of children better empowered to stay safe and secure online.”
The goal was to empower students, teachers, and whole communities through cybersecurity education and awareness. Mission accomplished!
As part of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education , the Safe and Secure Online program offers resources for educators, leaders, and volunteers everywhere to teach the community cyber safety. Chapter leaders and members from across the world use the tools provided by the Safe and Secure Online Program to Educate children.
You, too, can get involved in sharing the information from the Safe and Secure Online program with your local community, your employer, and even your own family.
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