Google, Microsoft and Oracle generated most vulnerabilities in 2021 carderbasesu, cvv-dumps-shopnet

The latest AtlasVPN report analyzes mobile security and common vulnerabilities in the current cybersecurity landscape. The report revealed that in early 2021, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle amassed the greatest number of vulnerabilities.
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Further, the report revealed that the biggest cybersecurity breaches in the history of the internet were reported during the first half of 2021. This report is based on Telefonica Tech Cybersecurity Report 2021 H1.
According to AtlasVPN, Colonial Pipeline , Kaseya , and JBS Foods turned out to be the victims of devastating ransomware attacks. Given the unprecedented increment in such attacks, Microsoft had to warn Azure users about the inherent security flaws in the Cloud Platform.
On the other hand, Apple had to release iOS updates to address a flaw exploited by NSO Group to hack the iPhones of journalists. Moreover, the SolarWinds attack turned out to be a massive blow for commercial and government entities.
The report had bad news for the three tech giants- Microsoft, Google, and Oracle. The report further revealed that Google occupied the top slot in vulnerabilities identified so far in 2021, with over 547 noted flaws detected, endangering more than three billion Chrome users worldwide.
Microsoft came in second with 432 unwanted exposure instances. Most of the chaos was due to Microsoft Exchange that gobbled up more flaws and exploits than any other platform.
Oracle recorded 316 vulnerabilities and stood in the third slot. The highest number of exploits were discovered in Oracle WebLogic Server that serves as a platform for developing, deploying, and running enterprise Java-based applications and could offer access to the affected system to remote attackers.
NEW: Malicious Office documents make up 43% of all malware downloads
In addition to that, Cisco, a networking hardware firm, accumulated 200 vulnerabilities, followed by SAP software that amassed 118 exploits.
The report, which can be accessed here , explains that: 
“Exploiting vulnerabilities in Google or Microsoft products allow cybercriminals to probe millions of systems. While the tech giants are doing a fair job of keeping up with exploits and constantly update their software, people and organizations need to follow suit and keep up with the updates to prevent further exploitation.”
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