h1-2006 CTF fedumpsnet, jstash-bazarcm

Hello hackers! 
Thanks to all of you who participated in our #h1-2006 CTF!  We had a lot of fun building it, and it looks like many of you had a great time participating. As promised, our three winners will be invited to hack at our next live hacking event with PayPal! The first ten participants who found the flag and submitted a valid write-up will also receive five private invites on our platform!
On May 26 at 12:39 PM , our CEO, Marten Mickos informed us that he has lost access to our BountyPay account, so we asked our community of hackers to help us get our account back and give us a hand by processing our next batch of bounties. Here’s how it went down:  
h1-2006 CTF activity
    •    The first submission came in at about 23 hours and 54 minutes after the initial launch

    •    4282 unique players
 participated in the CTF
    •    210 people were able to access the mobile challenge

    •    175 players made it halfway through the challenge

    •    127 players made it to the final stage
    •    55 hackers successfully processed our hacker payments.
The criteria we judged each report on
    •    Creativity

    •    Completeness

    •    Coherent story

    •    Tools used

Drum roll, please…..
The winners of the h1-2006 CTF are:
    •     Nytr0gen 

    •     Zoczus 

    •     bugra 

We’ll publish all the write-ups and submissions next week on the official h1-CTF program on HackerOne. Thank you to everyone who submitted! And special thanks to @adamtlangley for all that you did to make this one of our most challenging and popular CTFs!
Congratulations to our winners, and we look forward to sharing our next CTF with you!
fedumpsnet jstash-bazarcm

Author: wpadmin