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Protecting your Windows machine with a password is a must. It’s a great layer of security disabling unauthorized people from using your computer. But there are times when your own security layer restricts you from using your Windows OS. Probably, because you aren’t worthy of it. You fail to enter the correct password because you were absent-minded when the last time you changed your password. Or you can’t recall your password because you haven’t used your computer for months.
You can take the help of the password hint on the login screen. But what if it doesn’t help you. An effective solution to reset Windows password is to use the password reset disk. And just like me, you didn’t create the disk in the first place. Now, you’re left with an option to reinstall Windows on your computer. Well, you can do so if you don’t have any important data stored on your machine.
What if you have something important, like cat videos and dog selfie? You don’t want to loose them. So, there is a workaround by which you can reset Windows password and preserve the video of a backflipping cat. You can use Windows CMD and sticky keys to reset Windows password and gain access to your computer without formatting it.
Click Command Prompt.
Note: You will see the Overwrite c:\sethc.exe?  confirmation if you have done this method in the past. In this case, type All and press Enter.
Important: Here, the username is your user account name and password is the new password you want to set. If your username is ironman and new password Jarvis, the command will be:
net user ironman Jarvis
So, in the process, what you basically did is swapped the SETHC.exe with CMD.exe. The SETHC.exe is used to trigger the sticky key accessibility feature in Windows. Replacing it with cmd.exe starts the command prompt which can be used to change the administrator password.
Important: In our case, the method only worked for local account. We were not able to reset Windows password for the Microsoft account we used on our machine. We tested the above method on Windows 10.
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