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In a single day, the UK’s Labor party has endured 2 DDoS attacks . Although the attacks have been repelled, a lot of political experts think that the attack is a result of foreign interference on the activities of the labor party. However, it’s a general notion that hasn’t been proven yet.
On November 12, the Labor party received a DDos attack on its systems. But the spokespeople of the party has calmed the public down, saying the attack was repelled almost immediately. The spokespeople said they were able to prevent any damage to the attack with the help of the party’s enhanced security platform. However, another attack occurred just a few hours after the first attack.
again, the party’s websites and systems were victims of the second DDoS attack.
Once more, the labor party was able to repel the second attack. With the
occurring rate of this attack, it would not be a surprise if the party’s
systems are attacked a third time.
the spokespeople of the labor party have reiterated the party’s desire to beef
up and secure its electronic files to prevent future attacks of this nature.
to be a victim of two DDoS attacks within 24 hours suggests that there is
something wrong somewhere. Although labor described that the DDoS attack was a
sophisticated and high-scale one, most DDoS attacks are not close to what
should be termed large scale or sophisticated. This is because it is very easy
to perpetrate such attacks. The attacker can even obtain such service with a ridiculous
amount. It is one of the easiest cyberattacks on
institutions and organizations. Most times, the attacks are used as a decoy to
infiltrate other areas. But this time, it wasn’t the case.
is also the possibility of causing a DDoS attack by accident. A perfect example
is a situation earlier this year, where several thousands of people attempted
to sign in and lodge their complaints about Brexit. A large number of users at
the same time ultimately crashed the government website,
a lot of people claimed that Putin had a hand in the attack, it’s more likely a
botnet attack, as the nature of the attack has revealed.
According to the records held by NCSA, the attack should not be classified as a major incident, considering which company is hosting the UK’s labor party website. It reinstated that Cloudflare is the party’s hosting company. And as Cloudfare claims, its system is 15 times stronger than the highest ever DDoS attack ever recorded. This may be the reason why the Labour party was able to repel the attacks before it damages anything further,
the election is drawing closer, Labour leader Jeremy carbon feels uncomfortable
about the attack. Generally, most attacks of this nature are usually carried
out in corporate organizations and business entities. He stressed that the new
DDoS attacks on the labor party are no doubt a politically motivated one
the setback of the DDoS on Labor Party, Jeremy assured the public that the
election campaign would continue.  He
pointed out that the extent of the damage is not enough to stop the ongoing
campaigns. After a post-mortem on the attack, Jeremy said that no item or data
was removed or manipulated.
UK’s General election will hold very soon. It will hold when the entire nation
has a divergent view over Brexit, one of the diciest political issues in the UK
for a very long time now.
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