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Why your “useless mailbox” can be hacked?
The most dangerous misconception about which all security measures are broken and which attackers successfully use is the idea that ” I am a small person and my mail correspondence is not needed for nothing.”
This is not the case. Each post has a specific value. First, today, an email account is used as a universal identifier of a person on the network. They register in social networks, messaging services, financial services, and other places. Second, having taken possession of your mailbox, the attacker will follow the chain and quickly gain access to your other data, which will already have a genuine value.
Secondly, even if one of your mailboxes is not needed by anyone, then a million accounts have a very tangible value. Organized into a single network, they become a powerful tool for sending spam, on which attackers earn a lot of money.
And third, even small people sometimes have their little secrets that they don’t want to share. Sometimes personal correspondence, photos, and other data become a reason for banal blackmail.
How will you be broken?
Since we are talking about the mail of an ordinary user and not a show business star or a politician, then, most likely, no one will specifically and purposefully deal with your account. No, most likely, you will fall under a massive bombardment, which uses one or more of the following methods at once.
These recommendations are similar to the advice to wash your hands before eating. Observing “Internet hygiene,” you will save yourself from unnecessary problems, financial losses from the need to contact specialists. Behealthyandtakecareofyourmail!
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Author: wpadmin