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Are you in the mood for a smartphone makeshift? Recently, Apple relaunched the iPhone 12 by giving it edgy aesthetics that you will love. The iPhone 12 mini purple color is the new entrant in the market. In this guide, we will highlight the features that will help you make an informed decision to get a new gadget.
 If you’re looking for a phone that can fit in your purse or pocket, then you need to consider iPhone 12 mini. It has a width and height of 64.2mm and 13.5mm, respectively. Arguably, it’s one of the powerful and compact phones in the market today.
 Although the phone boosts being compact, it has been stretched on the edges to fit a 5.4 display screen. Compared to the previous generations, the near-bezel design makes it feel more significant than it is. Even though it has a built-in one-handed feature in iOS, the size makes it comfortable to handle using one hand. And in terms of size, the phone weighs 135g compared to the counterpart, weighing 164g.
 2. Display
 In terms of display, the iPhone 12 mini purple has a slight difference in pixel resolution to that of iPhone 12. However, it has a Super Retina XDR display. Despite the difference, the viewing angles and brightness of the display screen are excellent and work best in all lighting scenarios.
 3. Camera
 The phone has a two 12-megapixel camera on the back. Also, it’s worth noting that the camera is powered by SMART HDR 3 software that allows you to take quality photos while on the go. Besides, you can enjoy recording videos in 4k without issues.
 If you’re passionate about photography, then this is the best phone for you. The Smart HDR3 uses advanced machine learning to refine your pictures with white balance saturation, contrast, and texture. Additionally, editing and sharing videos are made possible through the cinematic Dolby Vision. While in a low-light environment, the night mode feature automatically detects that and adjusts itself to capture good precision. With iPhone 12 Mini Purple, everyone is a qualified photographer.
 4. Battery life
 The iPhone 12 Mini Purple battery’s life is between adequate and decent. Compared to the predecessors, there hasn’t been a significant improvement in battery life. On a full charge, it should last you for a full day; that is if you’re not a heavy user. However, if you’re a heavy user, the battery will last you half a day. What’s more, the device is powered by an A14 Bionic Chip.
 5. Operating System
 The new device comes with the latest iOS (14.5). With the new OS and features, if you’re a proud owner of the Apple Watch, you can unlock your phone even when wearing a face mask. Besides, the phone has improved features like;
  ·      Expanded Siri voice.
·      Apple Podcast app.
·      New emojis, if you like them and,
·      The App tracking transparency, among other features.
 Final Thoughts
 If you have ever wanted to own a purple-colored iPhone, then this is the opportunity for you to do that. The phone is available in both 256GB, 128GB, and 64GB. For the best deals, we recommend you pre-order your product from Circles.Life they have some great offers that will excite you.
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Author: wpadmin