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By W. Hord Tipton, CISSP-ISSEP, CAP, CISA, Executive Director, (ISC)²
 I suppose it’s only natural to think about carrying on tradition and looking to the next generation after the initial reflection period has subsided when someone passes away. What innovations and new ideas will the next generation bring forth? Who will step up and follow in a great leader’s footsteps? What can I do to help?
With the recent passing of one of (ISC)2’s Founders and industry luminary Hal Tipton, many in the (ISC)² family felt the desire to carry on his legacy in a way that would honor his lifelong role as a mentor to so many and provide a pathway for the next generation. This desire culminated in the formation of the new (ISC)2 Foundation’s Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship Fund . Hal’s passion and dedication to the very best practice of information security forged a pathway of excellence for the information security profession, and this new Memorial Scholarship Fund is (ISC)2’s  contribution to encourage the next generation of aspiring young professionals to begin and embrace a successful journey to a career in this highly rewarding field.    
I had the honor of making the first contribution to the Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship Fund because I want to see Hal’s legacy live on through bright young scholars. I gained a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I have contributed to a resource that will hopefully spark a lifelong pursuit of this noble profession. I was also compelled to honor Hal for the notoriety I often received from those mistaking me for him because of our surnames – I’ve been asked to sign books, take photos, and have received glowing compliments at numerous events around the world by being mistaken for Hal.
In all seriousness, part of (ISC)2’s core mission is to fill the pipeline of the next generation of information security professionals, and my donation, as a certified member of (ISC)2, exemplifies my commitment to this vocation. I challenge you to ask yourself what you can do to help the next generation succeed in this industry. I appeal to you as a member of the information security community to continue Hal’s legacy and to help generate the next generation of security professionals by donating to the (ISC)2 Foundation’s Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship Fund today. Hal’s imprint on the information security industry is certainly a colorful, lasting one, and I’ve seen first-hand the unparalleled level of respect and admiration everyone had for him. I sincerely believe that this scholarship is a small tribute to a larger than life figure.
Hord (not Hal) Tipton
And yes – your donation to the (ISC)² Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 charitable trust, is tax deductible in the U.S. and certain other countries. Please contact Julie Peeler, (ISC)² Foundation Director, at jpeeler@isc2.org for more information.
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Author: wpadmin