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Kali Linux is an advanced penetration Linux distribution used for digital forensics and penetration testing purposes. The operating system has more than 600 penetration-testing programs.
It is built on the top of the Debian distribution, the first version of Kali Linux released in 2012, it can be installed computer’s hard disk, can be booted directly from a live CD or live USB and to be installed on a virtual machine.
The Offensive security team has done major changes with Kali Linux 2019.4, they have addressed some long-time issues. Here are some notable updates and bugs fixes.
With the update developers planned to address the performance issues, by removing overhead features that are not useful for a distribution like Kali and the fractured user experience, if you are using a high-end laptop or using a Raspberry Pi the user experience be same. Another thing is the modern look than the traditional one.
So to address the issues they committed a lightweight one that runs under all the levels of Kali installs and handles user requests without compromising user experience. If you don’t like the new UI, you can still have an option to witch with Gnome build.
The new Undercover theme which turns your Kali machine looks like a default Windows installation. This can be done by just typing kali-undercover in the terminal windows.
Then the magic happens, your Kali machine looks completely like a windows installation which gives you more anonymity and you can witch back to Kali theme whenever you like.
Another notable feature is the PowerShell repositories , with the new version you will get an ability to run the PowerShell scripts directly on Kali Linux.
BTRFS is a much useful inclusion, if you are running the Kali Linux directly on the computer there is no easy to make a snapshot of it for restoration if something went wrong.
With BTRFS now you will be getting a snapshot capability on a bare metal install, while installing the kali itself a separate btrfs partition and btrfs subvolumes outside of the installation volumes.
Introduction of NetHunter Kex, a full kali Desktop on your Android phone, you can attach the android device with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
If you are an existing user, you can run a quick update using the following command.
After the update, you can verify the installation using the following command
Also, Learn The Complete  Kali Tools  in Kali Linux Operating System. Kali Linux 2019.4 can be downloaded from here.
I can’t use undercover Feature, why?
I can’t find it anywhere.
I am using Berkeley Repos, is that anything to do with this?
“I can’t use undercover Feature, why?
I can’t find it anywhere.”
There is literally a section in this post called “Kali Undercover theme.” This heading consists of three sentences and a graphical demonstration of the feature.
“I am using Berkeley Repos, is that anything to do with this?”
Huh? Think about this a bit, would it make sense to limit default features to specific mirrors. The directions are simple and easy to follow, it is hard to get lost even if there is a small typo.
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