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Are you struggling with Geo-location censorships? Here we have a solution with the world’s best Geo –location bypass technology “SmartDNS” that enables you to access the most popular video streaming content such as American Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and many more sites which are not available in your country.
SmartDNS technology was first developed in 2012 by Keepsolid .  SmartDNS technologies are now popular due to the increased use of the geo-blocking feature. Before delving deep into SmartDNS, let’s define DNS. 
Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol with a set of standards for computers used to exchange the data on the Internet or with any other networks. Its main purpose is to convert the human-readable domain names such as to an IP address.
If the user types a domain name in a browser, it first checks with the DNS resolver local cache. If it does not find it, then it queries a DNS server to locate the corresponding domain name of the IP.
All the DNS servers are connected in a loop so that they query each other to find the IP address of the domain name. As soon as the DNS resolver finds the IP address, it returns the IP address to the requesting program.
Nowadays viewership of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and other video streaming platforms has grown by millions, but these platforms are not available in certain regions.
Now with the help of SmartDNS service , users in these countries are able to watch these online video streaming platforms.
The SmartDNS works by spoofing your location. It reroutes the user data through a stream of computer servers set by the SmartDNS service providers such as KeepSolid.
So that by using the SmartDNS service your physical location remains the same, and the service provider reads that you are from a different location.
Service providers like KeepSolid offer clients in the US and EU DNS servers, which allows them to unblock their favorite movies and TV shows in full-HD from anywhere.
Configuring SmartDNS is quite easy and does not require the installation of any other additional software.
To Note:- SmartDNS is not a tool that offers privacy or anonymity. It simply re-routes traffic by changing your DNS setting on your device or router.
VPN and SmartDNS function may look similar as they unblock restricted websites, but both are entirely different.
SmartDNS aims to provide a speedy connection, and it is less expensive than a VPN. It permits you to view the contents from the blocked region with no encryption. Also, it won’t hide your IP address.
The VPN connection encrypts your online traffic, it keeps your data safe from hackers and ISP and government surveillance, but your speed drops. VPN hides your real IP address and masks your digital footprints.
The app can be downloaded from the official play stores of Mac App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Apple store.
You can also use the KeepSolid SmartDNS service without installation, all you need is to register your device IP with service and then by changing the DNS server IP.
Once the app gets installed on your computer or other devices, you will be presented with a screen like below. It shows your spoofed IP address that belongs to KeepSolid SmartDNS addresses.
Next to that, you can find a switch to connect and disconnect with the SmartDNS servers.
In managing my IP section, you need to provide the public IP of the device you want to connect with. This way you will get routed through KeepSolid SmartDNS servers and access the blocked contents.
If you select the automatic IP update option, then the DNS service will automatically replace your registered IP with your current IP address if they don’t coincide.
The configuration is relatively easy, even though KeepSolid provides detailed tutorials for all the devices including Android, iOS, SmartTV, Apple TV, and other devices.
You can get a 7-day trial, and it is not required to input any credit card details. The monthly plan starts from $3, and if you go early it costs only $19.
With the settings page, you can see your subscription details. Also, for dark-mode lovers, there is an option to select it. 
KeepSolid also assures that they will address your queries within an hour from the time a ticket is raised.
Here are the key features of SmartDNS.
You can see the 3 steps to get started with KeepSolid SmartDNS here:
Here you can find the complete manuals and compatibility list and download your platform.
It’s worth noting that KeepSolid SmartDNS supports multiple platforms such as iOS, macOS, Linux/Ubuntu 18, Kindle Fire, Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Android, Windows Phone, and Chromebook.
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