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A 300% rise in cyber-attacks has been seen by Microsoft cloud users over the past year.
That’s according to the 22nd volume of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence report, which found that a large result of the compromises came due to issues with passwords.
The report said: “A large majority of these compromises are the result of weak, guessable passwords and poor password management, followed by targeted phishing attacks and breaches of third-party services.”
Although topics such as Ransomware typically steal the headlines, the impact is felt is felt differently across the globe. The likes of Italy, Hungary and Spain all came in at around 0.14%, while the US was at 0.02%.
“Microsoft recommends that victims of ransomware infections not pay the so- called fine,” the report said. “Ransomware is distributed by malicious attackers, not legitimate authorities, and paying the ransom is no guarantee that the attacker will restore the affected computer to a usable state.”
Trojans are the most common form of malicious software, with the Win32/Xadupi trojan being the most commonly encountered.
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