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The (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification has won top marks from a 90,000-member LinkedIn community of cybersecurity professionals. The group selected the certification as the most valuable from a list of 50 leading cybersecurity industry certifications and courses.
The  Information Security Careers Network (ISCN) asked the LinkedIn community, which is composed of ISCN members, to rate their top certifications in order to compile a list of the top 10 most desirable certifications for 2021. The list included certifications from other associations and vendors, as well as the (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) .
Why is the CISSP the Most Valuable Cybersecurity Certification?
Nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) identified the CISSP as the certification with the greatest demand in cybersecurity, as reported by Security Boulevard. “CISSP is a longstanding and globally well-respected information security professional certification,” Security Boulevard reported .
CISSP validates skills and knowhow to design, implement and manage best-in-class cybersecurity programs. To qualify , candidates must have five years of security experience or four years if they have a security-related degree. “The CISSP three-hour exam of 100 to 150 questions has proven notoriously difficult to pass for some because the CISSP course covers a very broad spectrum of information security disciplines,” Security Boulevard reported.
The certification’s selection as the most desired for 2021 is a testament to its effectiveness and reputation. The year is kicking off on the heels of significant changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most organizations had to quickly set up remote work environments for employees, which put pressure on cybersecurity teams to properly secure those environments.
The rush to implement remote environments triggered concerns that too many security steps were being bypassed – and cyber attackers certainly tried to take advantage of that – but according to the (ISC)2 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study , cybersecurity teams did not see a significant spike in cyber incidents.
What is the Average CISSP Salary?
Cybersecurity professionals who earn the  CISSP  are among the most sought-after security experts in the world. Through various (ISC)² research, benchmarking surveys and third-party studies, we have compiled a list of CISSP salary estimates from around the world, with a global average starting at U.S. $92,639.
Staying Vigilant
Regardless of how organizations have fared through heightened cyber alert levels through the pandemic, cybersecurity professionals recognize the need to stay alert. In the Workforce Study, 56% of respondents said cybersecurity staff shortages were creating risks for their organizations.
The study also highlighted the importance of certifications, and found that almost two thirds of cybersecurity professionals (63%) were pursuing or planning to pursue security-related certifications such as the CISSP. On average, security certifications boost salaries by $18,000, from an average of $67,000 to $85,000, the study found.
Certifications are increasingly sought after by employers and help pave a successful career path for holders. To learn more about (ISC)2 certifications, click here .
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